I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire them to tell me how to do what I want to do.
-- John Pierpoint Morgan

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Competence - Commitment - Integrity

Welcome to the Law Offices of Lorne S. Cabinsky P.A, and thank you for visiting our web site. Our office is dedicated to satisfying each and every one of our clients by providing them with professional representation, weekly status reports, and most importantly, the professional integrity of our office. If you are seeking reliable, qualified and attentive legal representation, we sincerely hope that our qualifications and client-oriented approach inspires you to become one of our esteemed clients.

Lorne S. Cabinsky, Esq.

Competence: Lorne S. Cabinsky, Esq. has represented many large corporations as well as private individuals since 2000. He has litigated several cases both at State and Federal levels. Several of the matters litigated include complex collection litigation against major health insurance carriers trying to resolve reimbursement issues and self-pay accounts, landlord/tenant disputes, and complex commercial litigation dealing with breach of contracts.

Commitment: We are committed to keeping our clients satisfied and making sure that their needs are met with professional representation. Keeping our clients informed thoroughly and promptly is our main goal. By working closely with our clients and diligently on achieving their legal goals, we strive to develop a long-lasting valued client relationship.

Integrity: It is very important to our office to maintain the reputation the legal profession seeks to maintain. Our clients trust us with resolving their legal needs efficiently and ethically.  Our staff understands that only through satisfied clients and a responsible and ethical practice is an exemplary reputation achieved.

On all of our cases we offer a free initial consultaton and affordable attorney fees. Click here to contact us.